ghost man on first

by ghost man on first

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released November 5, 2013

All songs written by ghost man on first:
Josh Beckmann - Bass, cigarettes
Lance Farley - Vocals, guitar, toys
Joe Krumrey- Drums, WD-40

Recorded and mixed by Alex Gerst at Indian Trail Studios
Mastered by John Vestman
Cover painting: Steven Fouch
Photography: Mike Jake and Josh Beckmann
Graphic Design: Crystal Hiles



all rights reserved


ghost man on first Fort Worth, Texas

Once upon a time, we killed everything then died.

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Track Name: Under the Influenza
the way you grin, tells me everything
about the bind, you'd probably put me in
I've been holding on far too fucking long
to tell my troubles to a long haired man
In pursuit of goals and a need to know foe
when will i be who i am?

Even i know it ain't right to be leaving you home every night. But what am i to do? If i'm down on my luck so are you.

You called it quits when you could've been.
Almost the best at almost everything.
What i need to know is where are you to go? Now that life is at it's all time best. Gonna get it right and keep up the fight. Eyes are closed but not at rest.
Track Name: Sugar Britches
You wouldn't bend. So i'll see to it again.
You're the first on the list. Cuz you're the first to resist.
I've had enough of these games we've been making up.

You're the better man, until the money starts rolling in.
You'd better get. Get back to where it began.
Track Name: Mathmagician
Ohh, you could do anything you wanted to.
Now it seems that you can't be seen. No you can't be seen.

And you see what it means to me.

Have no fear. I can do it so they'll never hear.
Now it screams. I don't know what it means. Don't know what it means.
Track Name: Brought Low by Pigs
Now that we're all together, isn't it time we got along?
But to consider this a friendship would be the end of what we've known. That this wouldn't grow. Your reason has seem to have been brought low.

When i look i see plenty, who need to be alone. But to consider them great men would be the end of what we've known. That this wouldn't grow. Your reason has seem to have been brought low.
Track Name: Cruel and Unusual
Could be quick, but it shouldn't take long. The bones may be weak, be sure the marrow it is strong.

Forming backwards reactions with all that comes natural. To set about a velcro bound routine. And marvel at how we kept it so clean.

They were cruel and unusual for sure. Another mark on humanity. Try taking that up to heaven.

Use a brick or a log. Be sure the end it comes quick when applying Newton's law.
Track Name: Wheel Within a Wheel
I begin to see the possibility of expecting the most from the holy ghost. I've been here forever and i intend to remain. What you ask of me, are you insane or just no brains at all?

You been living your life like a good man should. You've been standing up for the common good. But now everything you loved is gone, either packed up and left or for sale on your lawn. You've got one last thing if you can hold on, and bury the past once and for all.

You will be broken by the wheel.
No one can break the circles seal.
Track Name: The Widow
The widow speaks of what she doesn't remember. The widow knows only what we send her.
The well is deep, filled to the brim with dissention. Fall back to sleep and wait for death to enter.

You're too young now, but don't forget the things they handed down in a crown. Older now but i won't admit to things i must forget. Not yet.
Track Name: Boil it in Oil
Tis the long way round. Do not observe unsteady ground. And you will boil it, but will you spoil it. You have made me happy. Prove it now, choosing ground.

And you'll wait and you'll not be afraid.
For what's left of you is straight.
And everything that you have made is great.

It will lure you in. An outer fur acts as second skin. You will boil it, but will you spoil it. Gone away too soon. Prove it now our useless sound.

And you'll wait and you'll not be afraid.
For what's left of you is straight.
And everything that you have made is great.
Track Name: Marco Polio
The love you seek, is it unique? He who knows, he thinks. I walk into this place and i eat. Nothing.

My nerves have won and they feel old and dated. Telling me that all is interrelated. But far be it from me to believe such B.S. at all. When we melt the faces of the non believing foreign nation.

The food eloped with the spleen, on a diet of lean. Set the voodoo clock to repeat. Something.
Track Name: Wormdirt
Now i can't believe, what you can't remember. What we did with it all? I got along without you in here. Now let's begin to withdraw.

I walked a many mile for many days, to be rid of you all. And i caught you and i fought you in a rage, to be here and unharmed. Wormdirt

I tucked you in with all formed fingers. No act of love need be undone.

If nothing dies and nothings lost. Who pays the price, picks up the cost? Lets kiss and makeup and everybody wear their halos. As we begin to evolve.
Track Name: Scabbatosis
There goes your last chance at hell. Where we speak in tongues and in rhymes so well.

There from under of what it was and now who might see. You would allow another crowd after me.

Back home things don't seem to go so well. As we march towards a very long farewell.